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Key Features

  • Feature: 100% Biodegradable and compostable.
  • Color: 100% safe, nontoxic, natural soy-based ink with professional offset printing for long-lasting vivid color.
  • Custom service: Customized size, paper material and package are available.


Product Description

These paper coffee bags are designed to provide optimal storage and protection for your freshly roasted coffee beans. Made from high-quality, food-grade paper, these bags are an eco-friendly and sustainable packaging solution for coffee suppliers, roasters, and retailers. With their attractive design and sturdy construction, they ensure that your coffee stays fresh and flavorful.

Key Features

1. Material: The bags are made from premium-quality, eco-friendly paper, which is durable and resistant to moisture, oxygen, and light.

2. Size Options: The bags are available in various sizes to accommodate different quantities of coffee beans, ranging from small sample sizes to larger bulk packaging.

3. Airtight Seal: Each bag features a resealable zipper closure, allowing for easy opening and closing while ensuring an airtight seal to preserve the coffee’s freshness and aroma.

4. Degassing Valve: Some variants of the bags are equipped with a built-in degassing valve. This valve allows excess carbon dioxide, produced during the coffee roasting process, to escape from the bag while preventing oxygen from entering.

5. Customizable Design: The bags can be custom printed with your brand logo, coffee descriptions, and other artwork, providing a professional and eye-catching presentation for your coffee products.

6. Multiple Layers: These bags are typically constructed with multiple layers of paper, often including a metalized or foil layer. This design provides excellent barrier properties against external factors, such as moisture, odors, and UV light.

7. Eco-Friendly: The bags are biodegradable and recyclable, making them an environmentally conscious choice. They contribute to reducing plastic waste and support your commitment to sustainability.

8. Wholesale Pricing: These bags are available for wholesale purchase, offering competitive pricing for bulk orders, making them suitable for coffee businesses of all sizes.


1. Freshness Protection: The airtight seal and robust construction of the bags protect the coffee beans from exposure to air, moisture, and light, ensuring long-lasting freshness.

2. Extended Shelf Life: The bags’ barrier properties prevent oxygen and other external elements from deteriorating the quality of the coffee, allowing it to maintain its flavors and aromas for an extended period.

3. Branding Opportunities: Custom printing options enable you to promote your brand and create a professional appearance for your coffee products.

4. Convenience: The resealable zipper closure allows for easy opening and resealing, providing convenience for consumers.

5. Sustainability: By choosing paper coffee bags, you contribute to sustainable packaging practices, reducing your environmental footprint and meeting the demands of eco-conscious customers.

Please note that specific product details, such as available sizes and custom printing options, may vary depending on the supplier or manufacturer you choose to work with.



Item name Paper Coffee Bags Wholesale
Material Ivory board
Color Pantone
Size Customized
Logo Customized
Surface finishing Lamination(Glossy/Matte)/Varnishing(Glossy/Matte)/Embossing/Debossing/Gold &Silver Hot Stamping/Spot UV
Handle material PP rope/cotton handle/ribbon handle/plastic handle/craft paper twist handle/nylon handle
Certificate BSCI, REACH, ISO9001, FSC, TUV
Supply ability 100000 Piece/Pieces per Day
Production cycle 30 days upon artwork and pre-production sample confirmed.



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