Cardboard Biodegradable Cutlery – Disposable Paper Spork

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Key Features

  • Feature: 100% Biodegradable and compostable.
  • Certification: FSC, FDA.
  • Custom service: Customized cardboard cutlery and package are available.

Product Description

The Cardboard Biodegradable Cutlery is an eco-friendly alternative to traditional plastic cutlery. It is made from sustainable materials, primarily consisting of cardboard and paper. This particular product is a disposable paper spork, combining the functionality of a spoon and a fork in one convenient utensil.

Key Benefits



The cardboard and paper construction of this cutlery ensures it is fully biodegradable and compostable. It will break down naturally over time, reducing environmental impact.

Sustainable Materials

The materials used in this product are derived from renewable resources, making it an environmentally conscious choice. By opting for this biodegradable cutlery, you are actively reducing the demand for non-biodegradable plastic alternatives.

 Versatile Design

The spork design offers versatility, allowing users to conveniently scoop and stab food with a single utensil. It eliminates the need for separate spoons and forks, making it ideal for outdoor events, picnics, camping trips, and fast-food restaurants.

Sturdy and Durable

Despite its biodegradable nature, the cardboard and paper used in this cutlery are designed to be strong and durable. The spork can handle various types of food without bending or breaking, ensuring a reliable dining experience.


The materials used in manufacturing this cutlery are food-grade and free from harmful chemicals. They meet safety standards and regulations, ensuring that your food remains safe for consumption.

Lightweight and Portable

The lightweight nature of the Cardboard Biodegradable Cutlery makes it easy to carry around. It is suitable for on-the-go use, reducing the need for plastic cutlery when eating outside the home.


This disposable paper spork provides an affordable alternative to traditional plastic cutlery. It offers excellent value for money while contributing to a greener planet.

 Quantity and Packaging

The Cardboard Biodegradable Cutlery typically comes in customized packs containing multiple sporks. The packaging can be designed to be minimalistic and eco-friendly, further reducing waste.

Usage Recommendations:

– This cutlery is suitable for a wide range of food types, including soups, salads, pasta, and more.
– It is recommended for single-use purposes to maintain hygiene standards.
– Dispose of the cutlery in appropriate composting or recycling facilities after use.

Note: Please refer to local recycling guidelines or consult waste management services in your area for proper disposal instructions.

By choosing the Cardboard Biodegradable Cutlery – Disposable Paper Spork, you are making a conscious decision to minimize plastic waste and contribute to a more sustainable future. Enjoy your meals while reducing your environmental footprint


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